Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions, as well as best practices for safe, optimal results.

Should you use heat with Luna?

No. Heat is not needed or recommended. Allow Luna Blonding Powder (mixed with Luna Magic Elixir) to lighten hair at its own pace.

What is the mixing ratio? 

A 1:2 (lightener to developer) ratio is recommended for optimal consistency and results. For instance, 30g of Luna Blonding Powder will require 60g of Luna Magic Elixir.

Can you open air paint with it?

Luna Blonding Powder is a powder lightener and does not form a protective shell like clay lighteners do. Although it can be used to open air paint, we recommend using foil, mesh, or cotton to separate it, and keep it from touching hair not meant to be lightened.

Can you use bond builders?

Yes. Although bond builders are not required, it is encouraged for a healthy lift.

How long does it process?

Typical processing time is 20-50 minutes, depending on the desired result. All levels of Luna Magic Elixir mixed proportionately with Luna Blonding Powder can safely lift the hair 7 levels.

How do I know when it's lifted/ lightened?

When learning to use Luna, we recommend checking your foils every 10-15 minutes to avoid over processing. Because Luna tones as it lifts, it is often ready before stylists think, because there is no warm reflection. 

Is there ammonia in Luna?

No. Luna is ammonia free, cruelty free, and dust free.

Are the Luna Magic Elixirs different colors?

Yes, the 10 volume is cream colored, and the 20 volume is jade green. When mixed with Luna Blonding Powder, the result is a gorgeous shade of purple.

Is there only a 10 volume and 20 volume of Luna Magic Elixir?

Yes, currently we only have two developer strengths, which both can lift up to 7 levels quickly when mixed with Luna Blonding Powder. We recommend 10 volume for a slow, controlled lift on any level, especially when hair is fine and fragile. We recommend 20 volume for a slight boost in strength on hair that is more tolerant.

Can LUNA lightener be used with other developers? 

Yes, but you will not have the same one-step toned result. 

Can LUNA Magic Elixir be used with other bleach? 

Yes, but we cannot guarantee the same result as when paired with LUNA Lightener.


How to Use:

In a plastic bowl, mix powder and either 10 or 20 volume Magic Elixir in a 1:2 ratio.

LUNA Lightening System does not have a bond builder built in, it works wonderfully with any bond builder on the market. At Masters of Balayage, we recommend mixing it with Brazilian Bond Builder. 3.5ml of B3 to 30 grams of powder/60 grams of magic elixir (90 grams total). 

Stir your powder and developer together, once mixed, then add your bond builder and stir in. 

Apply to the hair using your desired blonding technique. You can open air paint with this lightener, be mindful that you will want to encapsulate your sections with film or meche as LUNA is not a clay and does not form a hard shell. 

Allow to process until desired level is reached, checking every 10-15 minutes to ensure it does not over process the hair. 

You will see a violet tone on the hair when you are checking the lift. This can make it deceiving at first to see the true level. Take a towel or your finger and rub/scratch away some of the product so you can see the true lift and level of the hair. It is likely lighter than you originally thought! 

Once the desired level is reached, shampoo out. The violet tone will rinse away when you shampoo the hair. 

Note: Be careful not to overlap on pre-lightened hair as the toning agent in the developer is PROGRESSIVE and can create violet toned banding if left on pre-lightened hair too long.  If you need to bump the ends up a level or so, we recommend doing a wet balayage/bleach wash and 10 volume for a few minutes at the shampoo bowl.